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Questions on Pranic Scanning and Scanning Report

Discover the science behind Pranic Scanning. Know more about the Scanning Report and how immensely it can help you.


  • How long does it take to prepare my Scanning Report?

    It takes 7 – 8 days to prepare the Scanning Report. Each report is custom made; it is not computer generated!

  • Who prepares the Scanning Report?

    Your Scanning Report is prepared by a professional and certified Pranic Healer and Pranic Healing Instructor. We have a great team of Professional Pranic Healers with years of experience in the field of Complementary Therapy and Spirituality.

  • What does the Scanning Report look like?

    The HEAL Scanning Report is a comprehensive report on the condition of your chakras and major internal organs, with the addition of your main psychological parameters if you have purchased the advanced scanning package. It is a PDF file which will be emailed to you once the scanning process is completed.

    – General Pranic Scanning:

    Page 2. 11 Major Chakras Size & Activation Level Test / Page 3. Main Organs & Minor Chakras Health Level Test / Page 6&7. Summarized Numeric Data / Page 8. Comprehensive Analysis & Suggestion Report

    – Advanced Pranic Scanning:

    Page 2. 11 Major Chakras Size & Activation Level Test / Page 3. Main Organs & Minor Chakras Health Level Test Page / 4&5. Psychological Parameters Strength Level Test / Page 6&7. Summarized Numeric Data / Page 8. Comprehensive Analysis & Suggestion Report

  • How will the Scanning Report be delivered?

    Once the Scanning Report is complete, we will email you the link to download the PDF file.

  • What is Pranic Scanning?

    Pranic Scanning refers to a technique to determine the size and condition of the aura and the chakras. Pranic Scanning uses the Hand Minor chakras to feel the aura and determine the imbalances in the energy field.

    Any imbalance in the energy field and the chakras, affects the free flow of energy and thereby causes physical or psychological ailments.

  • Does Pranic Scanning work from distance?

    Distant Pranic Scanning works based on two major principles: the Principle of Interconnectedness and the Principle of Directability.

    The Principle of Interconnectedness suggests that we are all interconnected energetically, through the earth’s energy field while the Principle of Directability refers to the ability of the healer to direct the energy through thought power.

    Using these two universal principles of energy, distant scanning is applicable.

  • How accurate is Pranic Scanning?

    Pranic Scanning is referred to scanning the aura and the chakras using Hand Minor chakras of the healer. Development of the Hand Minor chakras leads to more accurate scanning of the energy.

    Cameras such as Kirlian camera and Acugraph has proven scanning to be effective in scanning the aura and the human chakras.

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