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  • What is a free counselling session?

    A counselling session is a brief 10 – 15 minutes consultation with one of our Pranic Healers. The session is held live and is intended to help you understand the process, Pranic Healing and we can help you. Our awesome Pranic Healers will help you choose the healing package that best suites you and will be with you throughout the entire process.

  • How do I book my free counselling session?

    Simply by going to the BOOK YOUR FREE COUNSELLING SESSION page you will be able to enter your information and request for a counseling session. You will be able to choose up to 3 timings at your time-zone to have the live session and we will arrange based on the schedule and experience of our Healing Team and will inform you.

    It is crucial to provide your Skype ID as the sessions will be held live via Skype. If you do not have Skype, you can download it on your mobile device via the App Store or Play Store, or download it HERE if you are using a desktop computer.

  • Can I have more than one counselling session?

    Unfortunately we are unable to arrange more than one free counselling session; however once your healing sessions start, your Pranic Healer will be guiding you fully throughout the entire process. So please don’t miss your counselling session once it is set.

  • Can I go straight to healing without having a counselling session?

    Of course you can! To do so, you can go right ahead and purchase the healing package and number of sessions you feel is right for you and your sessions will start right away. And in case you need any help, we will be right here to assist you.

  • How long are each of my sessions?

    The duration of each healing package is different and as following:

    – Pranic Healing Treatment: 30 – 45 minutes (for normal ailments) / 60 – 75 minutes (for chronic ailments)
    – Pranic Relationship Healing: 60 – 75 minutes (healing for 2 people)
    – Pranic Beauty Treatment: 60 – 75 minutes

  • How long does it take to get healed?

    The duration of healing varies based on the severity of the ailment, as well as the age and condition of the patient. For simple ailments you may experience the improving effects of Pranic Healing instantaneously, or within a few hours or a few days.

    For chronic or severe ailments, the symptoms may improve within a few hours, days or weeks. Complete healing however may require a few weeks or months based on the severity of the ailment as in such conditions healing is progressive.

  • Who is my healer?

    We have an awesome team of Professional Pranic Healers. Our team are all Arhatic Yoga practitioners and have years of experience in Complementary Therapy especially Pranic Healing.

    Furthermore, we assign your healer based on your particular ailment, their experience and your time-zone.

  • Can I select/change my healer?

    If you are facing any problems with your sessions or Healer, please let us know through the Support Page and we will try our best to address your problem or even change your healer.

    If there is a specific Pranic Healer you would like assigned for your healing sessions, please let us know and we will try our very best to arrange for you.

  • How are my sessions held live?

    We highly recommend that the the healing sessions are held live. We offer fully live one-on-one sessions via Skype, so please provide us with you Skype ID when filling up the required forms.

    If you do not have Skype installed yet, you can download it via the App Store or Play Store, or download it from HERE if you are using a desktop computer.

  • How do I make a purchase?

    There are 4 steps in making a purchase. Step 1 is to select the package you want, and if it is a healing package, select the number of sessions you need.

    Then you need to add your preferred choice to your shopping cart. One you have added all the products you need to your cart, you can checkout.

    In the process of checkout, just fill in the information requested, (please note that we do not collect any credit/debit card information) and proceed to the payment via PayPal.

    In the PayPal page, you can either choose to pay with your credit/debit card, or use your PayPal account!

    You will then be redirected back to the website and will also receive an email indicating your purchase is complete. (If you did not receive that email, please check your spam/junk folder.)

  • How do I pay?

    After you have selected the package and your preferred number of sessions, and have added them to your Shopping Cart, you can now checkout.

    At the end of the checkout process you will be able to pay. All our transactions are done through PayPal. We do not collect any credit/debit card information! Once you are directed to the PayPal page, you can either pay with your credit/debit card, or by using your PayPal account, if you are already a PayPal active user.

    You will be re-directed back to the HEAL website once the process is done.

  • What are the discounts/bonuses?

    With every 5 healing sessions you purchase, we offer you a free one. So with every 10, you get 2 free.

    If you need more discount though, you can let us know via our Support Page, and we will try our very best to help you out.

  • What is HEAL?

    HEAL is a revolutionary platform that enables you to experience the wonder of complementary therapy & Pranic Healing through live one-on-one sessions. We offer Pranic Healing sessions to improve your physical, emotional and psychological conditions, in addition to our ground-breaking beauty therapy sessions to enhance your physical appearance.

    Our team is consisted of Pranic Healing instructors, certified Pranic Healers, and professional Pranic Healers with years of  experience in the field of complementary therapy and personal development.

    HEAL is part of the Prana World family.

  • How does HEAL work?

    The first step is to book a Free Counselling Session with one of our one-of-a-kind healers. During that live session, you can discuss with them your problem and they will guide you on how HEAL can help you; in other words, which package best suits you and how many sessions you need to purchase. Then you make your purchase and the healing sessions are held live via Skype.

    The healing modality we use is Pranic Healing which is a well tested and verified system of complementary therapy. It works from distance and is safe. So you just need to relax at the comfort of your home and get well!

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